Alien Gunner

Alien Gunner 1.5

Alien Gunner is a great and addicting game,the controls are easy to remember
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Alien Gunner is a mix of some of the best space shooters, such as Asteroids, Invaders, Galaxian, etc... The idea of the game is score as high as you can, shooting enemies, asteroids, and whatever else you can find. These obstacles come in "waves". There are various items to pick up along the way to enhance your abilities. When you're done, send your scores up to the TGP online scoreboard!
You control a small green ship and shoot down alien thingys as well as asteroids. Once you start a new game, you will go to a screen that lets you choose what type of gun you will use. You can choose an average green laser, a fireball/spreader, or a thin concentrated beam. Each gun can be upgraded too, just catch the falling upgrades. Be careful, if you get a power up thats for a different gun, you will lose all the powerups you have gained and your gun will change to the different gun.

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